While many people prefer to opt for very low-calorie diets to lose weight, they have to keep in mind that it is not so easy to continue with this type of food for a long time.

While it is the way to lose weight more quickly, it is not easy to change the feeding routine and less for those accustomed to overeating. In addition, this type of food plan can be very harmful to your health.

It may have some negative consequences on your health that are not as harmful but others will be. Start with a diet of fewer than 1200 calories ingested per day, is only recommended under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist.

Caloric requirements

Your body always needs calories to carry out its vital functions and some other activities that it performs during the day. The vital functions are those that you must carry out while remaining at rest and of which you have no notion that they are occurring within your body, such as breathing, your heartbeat, etc.

However, during the day you will also need calories that allow you to digest, train, walk, run, etc. The calories are converted into energy for the body.

To know approximately how many calories you should consume you should multiply your weight in pounds by twelve if you do not lead an active life, or if you lead an active life in exercise you should multiply by fifteen.

If you are looking to lose weight, instead of choosing a completely low-calorie diet, we suggest that you consult with your doctor or your personal trainer to find out which diet best suits your body build.

Comply daily with the number of calories you should consume will help you stay healthy and also, to be able to overcome the difficulties of daily life. If you do not consume the calories you need and exercise, you may suffer dizziness and fainting. The pressure can lower you in the middle of the training you are doing. It is very annoying and also, extremely dangerous for your body.

Mild side effects

Some of the side effects produced by not consuming a minimum amount of 1200 calories per day include dizziness, inconveniences with menstruation in women, fatigue and weakness, constipation and swelling of the hands and feet.

All these effects of the intake of fewer than 1200 calories per day are transient generally if you start to eat well in a short time. In any case, do not continue with this diet for more than six months, and always consult a doctor to keep it healthy.

Important side effects

The first drawback that can occur is gallstones. When you do not get adequate nutrition, these calculations may appear and then you will have to operate. A surgeon will have to remove the gallbladder.

Other inconveniences that may occur include inflammations of their organs caused by poor diet and failures in the cardiovascular system.

Malnutrition and the imbalance that can occur in your body due to lack of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins, will be the determinants of your body deteriorating a little more every day. Sudden death is another of the drawbacks that can be generated thanks to poor diet.

Long-term condition

If you keep consuming few calories in the long term, the first outcome will calcium loss from your bones, which will generate osteoporosis in the near future.

In addition, your organism will begin to feed on your muscles, since from there it will take the energy to use in other functions. It is very difficult to also stay in this feeding routine for a long time since your body will ask for more food.

Once this happens, your body will look thinner but deteriorated due to the small amount of muscle mass it will have. In itself, this pattern of feeding will last very little, since generally people who follow diets in which they consume very few calories, begin to have energy problems and get scared.

When you return to your diet, you will be able to recover your weight quickly, but we recommend that you do not spend a lot of time feeding in this way so that the consequences are not lasting and totally damaging to your health.

Poor nutrition will also cause much more important problems, such as hair loss, headaches, confusion and even coma. Undernourished people become in a state of starvation, by which the only solution will be to enter and receive adequate nutrition through the injectable serum.

In a state of starvation, your body will reject any type of food that you want to ingest since your stomach will reject it for having been a long time without consuming any type of food.

Therefore, before choosing any diet in which you have to eat less than 1200 calories per day, we recommend that you take the account of how much energy you need and from there, you can make the best plan to lose weight, giving your body the dose daily calorie needs to work and also, lose weight in the middle.

Lose weight in a completely healthy way. Remember that your body needs to stay healthy so that you can continue with your daily routine. If for some reason you need to eat a diet in which you should consume less than 1200 calories, you should consult your doctor or receive a daily follow-up from him.

Other data

Always remember that consuming less than 1200 calories per day can then generate unwanted side effects. Make the multiplication account that we tell you so you know how many calories you should consume per day to keep your weight balanced.

If you want to lose weight, then reduce approximately two hundred calories per week depending on the number of calories you should consume based on your weight, age, and metabolism.

For example, if you are a person who should consume 2000 calories per day, then we recommend that you lower the amount to 1800 calories per day. That way you can start with your diet.

On the other hand, the way of feeding is extremely important. You will have to make six meals a day, starting with a breakfast of cereal bars and fresh fruits, to which you can add an infusion such as tea or coffee and toast with light jam.

At noon we recommend that you preferably choose to eat fish and vegetables or salad. The more colors the salad has, the more nutritious it will be. Always drink water and do not choose sodas because they contain large amounts of sugars that can damage your pancreas and also generate an immediate weight gain.

The snack can be similar to breakfast incorporating a ham and cheese sandwich and orange juice. Before dinner, we recommend that you choose to consume soup or a snack that will help you not to eat so much while you are sitting at the table.

Exercise is also extremely important. To lose weight you will have to alternate a diet with a weekly training. This training can be done in the gym or at home directly, going for a walk, running or riding a bicycle.

Always remember to consult with your personal trainer and with a doctor or nutritionist, if the diet and the chosen training is right for you. According to your age, your metabolism, your weight, and some other variants will indicate the steps to follow. It is also recommended that you do the corresponding exams to know that you do not have any extra inconvenience.


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