If you love traveling and visiting wonderful places in the world, you have certainly heard about the Mediterranean region, an envied region in the world for its climate and beaches that are its hallmarks. However, the Mediterranean region has another great treasure you may have overlooked: its gastronomy.

The Mediterranean diet is a very healthy and balanced way of eating day after day. This is a varied diet that combines the consumption of meat and fish with vegetables traditionally grown the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean diet and its benefits

The followings are the foods and lifestyle that make up the Mediterranean diet:

  • Olive oil is the basis of all Mediterranean cuisine.
  • The products have to be fresh, natural and seasonal.
  • Bread, cereals, and pasta provide necessary daily carbohydrates.
  • Fresh fruit is the usual dessert.
  • Sweets and cakes need to be consumed very occasionally.
  • Cheese and yogurt are consumed daily.
  • Fish, poultry, and eggs are eaten weekly
  • The consumption of red meat and animal fat is reduced to minimal (only once a month).
  • Water is the drink par excellence but a glass of red wine can accompany the meals.
  • Herbs are the best alternative to salt.
  • Daily sport should be practiced as it is the ideal complement to the diet.

Health benefits

All the above components lead to a very healthy diet and lifestyle with extraordinary health benefits. First, it protects from cardiovascular disease and for healthy cholesterol levels. And secondly, as it is rich in fiber and antioxidants, it protects cells from aging.

Weight loss benefits

The Mediterranean diet, unlike other diets, is not aggressive on the body, thus, weight loss will not quickly and suddenly. Rather it will be in a slow but effective way.
The aim of this diet is not to achieve your ideal weight in a few days and later to regain weight immediately once you return to our bad eating habits. It is to educate both your body, eat healthily, and if possible for a long time. That is, the ideal is if you follow the pattern of the Mediterranean diet for life.

With the Mediterranean diet, you will initially lose up to 2 pounds in 7 days. After the first 4-5 weeks, your weight tends to stabilize. The important thing here is to live in the healthiest way possible, that after all, is what should you care more about.

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